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An example of the issues is in Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Laboring Population of Great Britain, it talks about the diseases, filth, overcrowding, bad ventilation, and short lives of the labouring classes doc.

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Though he maintains his status as a journalist and historian, it remains hard to believe that in such a polluted place, the quality of life is actually something likeable. This most likely is a reliable source since it was published in The Lancet; however, since it is published by a reformer, he could have picked the most unfair statistics.

Of course Wheelan and Co.

Manchester DBQ Essay Sample

Diseases caused or aggravated by atmospheric impurities produced by decomposing animal and vegetable substances, by damp and Manchester dbq, and close and ovecrowded dwellings, previl among the laboring classes.

On the other hand, in rural areas the average life expectancy for the common laborer was Doc. Great Britain started as the industrial leader Manchester dbq the world; however over time it lost its edge to the United States. They spend from twelve to fourteen hours each day shut up in low-ceilinged rooms where with every breath of foul air they absorb fibers of cotton,wool or flas, or particles of copper, lead or iron.

Compared to the first lines of Doc 7, it shows the improvements in the city. High above the grim and grimy crowd of scowling faces a loom had been erected, at which sat a tattered, starved-looking weaver, evidently set there as a representative man, to protest against the triumphs of machinery and the gain and glory which wealthy Liverpool and Manchester men were likely to derive from it.

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He states that Manchester dbq live longer because they have better food, homes, clothes, and health care. While many described completely atrocious living conditions and a dirty, filthy, ugly city, others on the opposite end of the spectrum believed it to be a place of achievement. A multitude passes along without stopping; it looks abstracted, its aspect somber and uncouth.

A multitude passes along without stopping; it looks abstracted, its aspect somber and uncouth. Macaulay, who sees the influence of industrialization as a good one Doc 3.

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Sadly, the conditions of the actual town itself fared no better. Because the growth in industry was on such a large scale in a small amount of time, there were both negative and positive reactions. While some were worried about the health of the population, others were a bit more materialistic and worried about the appearance of the city.

Southey think that the English peasentry live, or ever lived, in substantial and ornamented cottages, with box hedges, flower gardens, beehives and orchards? Although the industrialization of Manchester was necessary for the development of the modern world, it had also brought up a lot of issues with it.

Many reported crowded narrow streets, buildings of smog-blackened brick, and a solemn people. Southey think that the English peasentry live, or ever lived, in substantial and ornamented cottages, with box hedges, flower gardens, beehives and orchards?

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Manchester DBQ Essay Sample

Though it came at a price. Macaulay describes in an essay that responds to Robert Southey in Doc 2 the negative views to the positive as that of comparing a cottage to a factory to see which is more appealing Doc 3.

And what is this way? The exposed population is less susceptible to moral influences, and the effects of education are more temporary than with a healthy population. Of course Wheelan and Co. They live suspended between an insufficiency of food and an excess of strong drink; they are all wizened, sickly and emaciated, their bodies thin and frail, their limbs feeble, their complexions pale, their eyes dead.

In the Reform Bill, Manchester was granted representation in Parliament and middle-class men received the vote. More essays like this: Those that reacted in a negative way against the growth of Manchester were numerous and demanded many changes. This source is also questionable, for the reasons of her being French and also she could have been over exaggerating the living conditions because she was publishing this journal.

Years of peace in the land, free trade between England and Scotland, and the amount of raw goods contributed by the colonies, provided the perfect genesis grounds for what we now know as the Industrial Revolution.

In Doc 9, Wheelan and Co. She also was socialist, which could make this some sort of socialist propaganda. The depiction is smoky, the sky filled with smog, with sewers running into the river.INDUSTRIALIZATION.

DBQ. Question: Identify the issues raised by the growth of Manchester and analyze the various reactions to those issues over thecourse of the nineteenth cedntury. Historical Background: Manchester, England, became a leading textile manufacturing center soon after its first mechanized cotton mill was bild in When Manchester first built its big mechanized cotton machine, it became the leading textile manufacturing city in the whole world.

Much of its population in s was made up with the working class and immigrants from parts of Britain and even Europe. Ap Euro Dbq: Manchester Essay Words | 5 Pages.

The Effects of Industrialization on Manchester, England England in the 18th and 19th centuries changed dramatically as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which had many effects on the social structure of England and increased the gap between the rich and the poor. Manchester DBQ Essay Sample.

As goes history, there always seems to be a revolution around the bend. An oppressed people, eager for change, overthrow the tyrant. AP Euro DBQ: Issues and Reactions due to the expansion of Manchester The process of industrialization in Manchester, England throughout the 19th century lead to the significant expansion of the city’s area and population, which caused environmental and health issues that were met with a protestation reaction.

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