I am legend summary

However, vampires who were Jewish or atheist in life may not be afraid of the cross at all.

I Am Legend Summary

After an "esoteric" draft by writer Neal JimenezWarner Bros. He succeeds and takes the captured female infected Joanna Numata home to his lab. After bouts of depression and alcoholismNeville decides to find out the scientific cause of the I am legend summary.

She explains that all the cancer patients which her cure has been tested on have recovered so far. Though referred to as "the first modern vampire novel", [10] it is as a novel of social theme that I Am Legend made a lasting impression on the cinematic zombie genre, by way of director George A.

Grass covers roads and buildings, abandoned cars line the highways and the city is silent. All the mice act incredibly aggressive, except for one.

He succeeds and takes the captured female infected Joanna Numata home to his lab. His experiments also reveals that the infection creates an allergic reaction to garlic in the host.

Fatally injured, Neville accepts his fate and asks Ruth not to let this society become heartless. Neville is puzzled by the fact that she is upset when he speaks of killing vampires; he thinks that if her story of survival was true, she would have become hardened to the act.

In the city of Los Angeles, a man named Robert Neville has managed to survive by converting his house into a fortress. Neville, desperate for companionship of any kind, feeds the dog hamburger meat, and tries to convince the dog to live in his house.

I Am Legend Summary

It is said that the pandemic was caused by a war, and that it was spread by dust storms in the cities and an explosion in the mosquito population. We see Robert dressed in a military uniform: Conquest of ParadiseWhite Squalland G. Ruth allows Robert to draw her blood, but begs him not to look at it under the microscope.

A herd of deer leap across his path and he follows them gives chase at speed in the car. He wakes up in a his house to Shrek playing on the TV and stitches in his knife wound. Romerowho acknowledged its influence and that of its adaptation, The Last Man on Earthupon his seminal film Night of the Living Dead Instead, he throws himself into his research.

Ruth visits him and announces that the new society is taking back the world with violence. You are the only person out here on the Wasteland who is, quote, "a normal person", and we wanted you to feel, like, special in that way. Robert learns how to use the microscope and is able to isolate the bacteria that causes the disease.

Matheson goes to great lengths to rationalize or naturalize the vampire myth, transplanting the monster from the otherworldly realms of folklore and Victorian supernaturalism to the test tube of medical inquiry and rational causation. During the hectic fight, Robert has time to realize that the infected female he had captured earlier and tested the virus vaccine on, has come back to her human form.

She agrees to let Robert test her blood the next morning.Find all available study guides and summaries for I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. If there is a SparkNotes, Shmoop, or Cliff Notes guide, we will have it listed here. I Am Legend Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and more.

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I Am Legend Summary & Study Guide

Dec 13,  · The opening scenes of "I Am Legend" have special effects so good that they just about compensate for some later special effects that are dicey. We see Manhattan three years after a deadly virus has killed every healthy human on the island, except one.

The streets are overgrown with weeds, cars are abandoned, the 3/5. The year is —one year after a deadly plague sweeps the world, killing virtually all human beings.

After their deaths, the world’s human beings rise from the grave and become vampires: sensitive to light, garlic, and mirrors, dormant during the day, and impervious to bullets.

In the city of. I Am Legend is a American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film based on the novel of the same name, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith, who plays US Army virologist Robert Neville.

The story is set in New York City after a virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving.

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I am legend summary
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