Dal lake

It is the cultural symbol of Kashmir and Dal lake used not only for ferrying visitors but is also used for the vending of fruits, vegetables and flowers and for the fishing and harvesting of aquatic vegetation.

Seekh Tuji is another popular delicacy found in the street stalls of Khayam Road. Kazmi Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee and in charge of the Environmental Engineering Lab believe that deforestation in the catchment of Dal Dal lake Telbal stream may have led to more nitrogen and phosphorus-rich run-off, further aiding eutrophication.

Public Interest Litigations PILs have been filed in court demonstrating the environmental dangers posed to the lake by sewage, wastes and effluents.

The nearest airport, which connects with other major cities in the country, is about 7 kilometres 4. Covering an area of 18 Dal lake km, the Dal Lake is part of a natural wetland that covers an area of about 21 sq km which includes floating gardens.

Dal Lake, Srinagar: Hours, Address, Dal Lake Reviews: 5/5

Candida, Nymphoides peltatumSalvinia natansHydrocharis dubiaNymphaea sp. Floating gardens in Dal Lake.

Dal Lake, Srinagar: Hours, Address, Dal Lake Reviews: 5/5

The rooted variety of the floating leaf type consists of Neelambium nuciferaNymphaea albaN. While the boats are a part of daily life on the lake and used for a slew of purposes including transporting people and goods, it has become very popular with tourists.

They basically constitute of matted vegetation and earth, but are floating. Kashmir houseboat and shikara[ edit ] Left: To address this, water balance studies to analyse and assess the characteristics of flow have been conducted in order to approximate the discharge contributed by the springs in the lake bed.

Finding himself unable to care for the relic, he gave it as the most precious gift to his close Mureed and a wealthy Kashmiri businessman, Khwaja Nur-ud-Din Ishbari. Hazratbal Shrine Hazratbal shrine. The Hazratbal Shrine Urdu: Made of wood and with intricately carved wood paneling, the houseboats are of different sizes, some even have three bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

Dal Lake, McLeod Ganj: Address, Dal Lake Reviews: 5/5

Chasme Shahi under renovation Nagin Lake, though sometimes referred to as a separate lake, is actually part of Dal, being linked through a causeway which permits only bikers and walkers to enter the lake precincts. Houseboats vary in degree of luxury and have been accordingly graded by the Department of Tourism.

View of the temple from the stairs Hari Parbatalso known as the Mughal fort, is a hill fort on Sharika hill that provides panoramic views of the Srinagar city and the Dal.

Shikaras provide a water taxi service available to see the sights in the Dal and to approach the houseboats moored on the lake periphery. Transparency, expressed as depth in metres, has varied from a maximum of 1. The water table cuts the hill slopes, which is evidenced by the occurrence of numerous springs in the valley.

Dal Lake, McLeod Ganj: Address, Dal Lake Reviews: 5/5

There are a few restaurants that provide tasty vegetarian meal along the road near Dal Lake. Nagin Lake[ edit ] Left: It is also the second largest lake in the State of Jammu and Kashmir with numerous gardens and orchards all along its shores.

While the boats are a part of daily life on the lake and used for a slew of purposes including transporting people and goods, it has become very popular with tourists. Shikaras are a cultural symbol of the lake and seen mostly in lakes of Srinagar.

There are Shikaras that look like small ornate versions of the gondolas of Venice that offers ferry rides to and from the banks of the lake to the houseboats.

Kashmir Dal Lake

The committee is under obligation to post feedback of progression developments from time to time, directly to the Supreme Court. The prolific growth of Ceratophyllum demersum in the eutrophic zones has been reported, with Myriophyllum spicatum and Potemogetton lucens cited as dominant species.

The lake has numerous sites and places of interest, many of which are important to the cultural heritage of Srinagar. Irreversible changes through urban developments have placed further restrictions on the flow of the lake and as a result, marshy lands have emerged on the peripheral zones, notably in the foothill areas of the Shankaracharya and Zaharbwan hills.

The fort in its current state was built much later in under the reign of Shuja Shah Durrani.Dal Lake Dal Lake and Tourism. The lake is a major attraction for tourism and recreation and although it also offers some commercial uses such as fishing and weed harvesting for compost making, these are of secondary significance.

Dal is a lake in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The urban lake, which is the second largest in the state, is integral to tourism and recr. Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. K likes.

Dal Lake (Himachal Pradesh)

Dal is a lake in Srinagar (Dal Lake is a misnomer as Dal in Kashmiri means lake), the summer capital /5(). Nov 07,  · It's a big lake in heart of Srinagar. Since houseboats and shikaras have started commerical activities in this lake, this lake has been polluted/5(K).

Over 15km around, Dal Lake is Srinagar's jewel, a vast sheet of water reflecting the carved wooden balconies of the houseboats and the misty peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains.

Flotillas of gaily painted shikaras (gondola-like taxi boats) skiff around the lake, transporting goods to market, children. Place Details: Known as the Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir and Srinagar’s Jewel, Dal Lake is the most important landmark of Srinagar.

It figures high on tourist itineraries and every tourist to.

Dal lake
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