An introduction to wnew fm one of new york citys oldest fm radio stations

It was too much. Someone there must have liked the s. Lennon eventually got the Spector tapes back and completed the recording.

The WNEW rock format is web exclusive at wnew. Because through the years if you go back and listen to your material — the solo material as well as the Steely Dan stuff — you get into some pretty interesting and heavy subjects at times and find incredible ways — at least to my mind — to express yourself.

But you have to understand that there were some really good recordings and incredible live shows. Eventually they were brought to L.

The decision resulted in over 1, comments, most of them negative, on the Last. I occasionally see one. And he would be the right guy to do that?

But I got pneumonia and had to come off the road. As the information generated is largely compiled from the ID3 data from audio files "scrobbled" from user's own computers, and which may be incorrect or misspelled, there are many errors in the listings.

Stations can be based on the user's personal profilethe user's "musical neighbours", or the user's "friends". In their sometimes vivid, sometimes oblique scenarios, characters struggled to connect — with each other, with changing times, with dashed ideals. At the same time, the station began to feel the threat of disco.

WNEW-FM New York Radio Shows

Yeah, there you go. I used to race miniature Dinky toys.

George Engle

We wanna thank you, Donald Fagen, always a friend and a great part of the radio station throughout all the years. Beloved for its melodically innovative, lyrically challenging, impeccably crafted recordings, Steely Dan had essentially stopped being a performing group in the early s.

Welcome to the world of Steely Dan. It was just phenomenal. But the song finally did end and the crowd wanted more.

Legacy WNEW-AM History

George was respected, admired, and enjoyed. Mostly soft rock in this era: There was no dramatics involved. And when its success had him poised for a thriving career, he virtually dropped out of sight.

Fagen, who lives in New York, recorded his last album The Nightfly, nine years ago. There also was a lot of personal stuff coming in. After hemming and hawing a bit, the reluctant Becker took the stage to a standing ovation. Will Steely Dan be a main feature in this book?

The Nights always featured great artists.Mitch says, "I began my career as the 'Teenage Disc Jockey' at the old, Top WINS, New York, working with the likes of Jack Lacy, Murray Kaufman, Bruce Morrow, Al 'Jazzbeau' Collins, Stan Z. Burns, Brad Phillips and Paul Sherman. My dad was Dick Reiss, an engineer at WNEW-AM/FM.

He worked from the late 60’s til the early 70’s with Jonathan Schwartz, William B Williams, Scott Muni and many other great names of radio. WNEW-FM ( FM, "New ") is a Hot adult contemporary formatted radio station, licensed to New York City and owned by Entercom.

The station's studios are located at the combined Entercom facility in the Hudson Square neighborhood of joeshammas.comast area: New York metropolitan area.

List of radio stations in New York

Independent radio stations, like WNEW-AM, had to compete against the new media. With a combination of news, sports, and music formats WNEW-AM flourished. By the mid ’s, WNEW-AM was one of the most profitable radio stations in the country.

WAXQ or Q FM is a rock radio station broadcasting from New York City.

WNEW 565 5th Ave. Studios

Q FM is one of the best rock radio stations working from the big apple. It’s the station to tune in to listen to the best classic rock hits. It was an interesting coincidence that brought all four news directors of those competing radio stations in Cleveland to New York within less than a year; even more curious that three of us, Bruce Charles, George, and I came to WNEW.

An introduction to wnew fm one of new york citys oldest fm radio stations
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