A comparison of the two respected authors benjamin franklin and jonathan edwards

Young people especially, who have failed in acquiring a complete cultivation of mind, are roused in a praiseworthy way by brilliant passages Drink not to Elevation.

Familiar Essays[T]here is no richer treasure than a collection of the beautiful thoughts and maxims of the world's literati His theory prefigures psychological behaviorism, while his systematic method of notation anticipates modern behavior modification. It does not end the volume of practical quotations, and it will not until the sequence of the alphabet is so materially changed as to place D where Z now stands.

On the contrary, take the closest heed of what observant men, who would probably like to show originality, are yet constrained to repeat. Because authority, though it err like others, Hath yet a kind of medicine in itself, That skins the vice o' the top.

A Contrast and Comparison of Jonathon Edwards and Benjamin Franklin

Gilbert, An apt quotation is as good as an original remark. Familiar EssaysIt is a pleasure to be able to quote lines to fit any occasion He was, and he boasted of being, the interpreter of Greek ideas, of Greek metre, of Greek civilisation, and of Greek style.

You yourself write nothing; your attempts are shorter. These qualities steadily propelled him to wealth, respectability, and honor. So it is well to count 10 before using.

Both men documented the progress of their goals to follow their self-defined resolutions and both men hoped their morasses would adhere to the same principles.

Mencken, about Shakespeare The genius of quotation is abroad. A widely-read man never quotes accurately, for the rather obvious reason that he has read too widely.

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In this annual book of useful encouragement, advice, and factual information, amusing characters such as old Father Abraham and Poor Richard exhort the reader in pithy, memorable sayings. Nothing has been found as to their friendship, or that they had even met.

This may be one of three things either what is called Plagiarism, or Imitation, or Coincidence. Make the process of reading them a way to form the mind and shape the soul.

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He has not made the object, but he has made it as art. She sounded like a yelling edition of "Bartlett's Quotations. When I find a choice one I pounce on it like a lepidopterist.

In borrowing a passage, they carefully observe its connexion; they collect authorities, to reconcile any disparity in them before they furnish the one they adopt; they advance no fact without a witness, and they are not loose and general in their references, as I have been told is our historian Henry so frequently, that it is suspected he deals much in second-hand ware.

The average man ought to be allowed a quotation of no less than three sentences, one to make his statement and two to explain what he meant.

The danger is that I may become a mere pedant. The most famous section describes his scientific scheme of self- improvement.Benjamin Franklin Compared to Jonathan Edwards Through their influential writing and critical evaluations of how to improve oneself, Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin both encompass American themes that ultimately define them as part of American literature.

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Search. secular form apparent in the writings of which two authors.

Benjamin Franklin Compared to Jonathan Edwards

Benjamin Franklin and Nathaniel Hawthorne. A Comparison of Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin's Personalities and Beliefs PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: benjamin franklin, jonathan edwards.

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Benjamin Franklin

A Contrast and Comparison of Jonathon Edwards and Benjamin Franklin In the 21st century, individualism is widely accepted and encouraged by people in America.

This was not the case in the 18th century colonies when America was finding its beginnings. Jonathan Edwards and Benjamin Franklin are two major figures in history. Edwards was a very religious Puritan minister, and Benjamin Franklin was the opposite; a diplomat, inventor, negotiator, merchant along with many other qualities.3/5(3).

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most influential and famous figures of all time. Ben Franklin if often referred to as the "self-made man," and his philosophies and principles in the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, edited by Louis P.

Masur, has served as a self-help book for millions around the world.

A comparison of the two respected authors benjamin franklin and jonathan edwards
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