A character analysis of abigail williams in the crucible

After her illness she finds out that her husband John has committed marital infidelity with Abigail Williams. She threatens the other girls with violence if they refuse to go along with her plans, and she does not hesitate to accuse them of witchcraft if their loyalty proves untrue.

Character analysis assignment the crucible Essay

This makes it very understandable that she would leap at the first opportunity to seize any chance to obtain a higher social position and some control over others as is shown by her control over the other girls.

Honest and scrupu-lous, at least in his own mind, Danforth is convinced that he is doing right in rooting out witchcraft. Use a quote from the text. Life After the Salem Witch Trials: Daily chores, business matters and other activities were neglected during the chaos of the witch trials, causing many problems in the colony for years to come, according to the book The Witchcraft of Salem Village: Hale is a committed Christian and hater of witchcraft.

Being a very rational man he often decides who is wrong or right is different disputes. And worst of all for her in the patriarchal Puritan societyshe's female.

When confronted with the truth, he is uncertain about admitting his error, probably because he had never fathomed the idea of the accusers being wrong. Reverend John Hale - is the Minister in Beverly whotakes the responsibility to find out whether Betty's illness has a witchcraft origin.

The Crucible Character Analysis Essay

Arthur Miller explained that one discovery he made while digging into the actual history of the Salem Witch Trials set his imagination on fire: She has a strong influence on the group of girls around her. Abigail is smart, wily, a good liar, and vindictive when crossed. Abigail's main skill seems to be finding people's flaws, their weaknesses, their prejudices and mercilessly manipulating them to her advantage.

Many of the townsfolk, especially John Proctor, dislike him, and Parris is very concerned with building his position in the community.

Proctor extremely dislikes hypocrites and by being a lecher, he is automatically a hypocrite.

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What about Abigail's character do you want to focus on? Abigail develops a detailed plan to acquire Proctor and will stop at nothing to see her plan succeed. At this point, John is motivated to free his wife. He goes to the gallows redeemed for his earlier sins.

Her strategy includes establishing her credibility with the court and then eliminating Elizabeth. She is an orphan, an unmarried, dependent teenager and worst of all, for her especially in the patriarchal Puritan society a female.

Abigail wants Proctor for herself and will go to any length to secure him. In Act One her skills at manipulation are on full display.


If this was the case, then all the death warrants he has signed where in error, resulting in the innocent blood being placed on his shoulders. William Ives and George W.

Nurse is well respected by most people in Salem, but is an enemy of Thomas Putnam and his wife. The theocratic society presented in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" gives the origin to all the characters of the play. Elizabeth is supremely virtuous, but often cold.The Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller.

The Crucible study guide contains a biography of Arthur Miller, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Throughout The Crucible, a young girl named Abigail Williams uses her cunningness and deceitfulness to get what she wants.

The crucible character analysis essay (order an essay inexpensively)

Her jealousness and lack of moral and ethics gives her the ability to condemn innocent beings to death, without any questions. Abigail Williams of The Crucible - Abigail Williams is manipulative and wants everything to go her way.

Character Analysis For Abigail Williams?

She is the main character and. I've been working with the materials of the Salem Witch Trials of for so long as an academic historian, it's not surprising when people ask me if I've seen the play or film The Crucible, and what I think of joeshammas.com created works of art, inspired by actual events, for his own artistic/political intentions.

Abigail Williams, as one of the first to bring accusations of witchcraft against others in Salem, is a central figure in The Crucible. Strong-willed and intelligent, Abigail uses social paranoia. In “The Crucible” the character I dislike the most is Abigail Williams because she is portrayed to have no morals, very deceitful, and is a liar.

Abigail is the kind of .

A character analysis of abigail williams in the crucible
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