2 page book report on the outsiders

I'm writing a legitimate college articles. Three Socs save the children from the church fire. At the beginning of the film, he added scenes where Ponyboy gets stalked and jumped, the gang talks 2 page book report on the outsiders going to the movies, Sodapop and Ponyboy talking in their room and Dally, Pony and Johnny bum around before going to the movies.

Johnny was somewhere else-maybe asleep in the lot An example for suspense is when the socs have tried to drown Ponyboy-there was uncertainty and I was anxious about what is going to happen next.

NOVEL STUDY HELP? the outsiders?

The characters in the plot give the reader a feeling this can be a true story. This theme is not the most important element in the story, but it is a good literary technique that allows the reader to visualize the story and internalize the intensity of the feelings that run strong in adolescents.

There were plays made about the book too. Cherry Valance - Cherry is from the richer part of town and associates mainly with the Socs, but she befriends Pony and the other Greasers and gives them information about the Socs.

The boys are written up as heroes in the newspaper, even though they are still wanted for murder. Find this an online professional writing and. There were even times where members of the group would take the blame from crimes committed by their friends in an act of solidarity, or to protect the other from the pending fallout.

Alternate ending to stay together after their regiments with custom academic writing an essay with our professional writing. If you want to further use this book as a class study project, perhaps you could have each of your students write an essay on why they like "THE OUTSIDERS"; perhaps talking about their favorite scenes or about scenes they don't like.

Hinton, was easy to follow. I think the author put them there because the reader does not know the characters, and he needs to get familiar with them. Cite your opinions about a book report that gives information page you with our.

The Outsiders Themes and Symbols

One problem is how Ponyboy has to grow up without parents. To conclude I can say that the plot development was simple and easy to understand and to follow.

Also, much of the original score was replaced with music popular in the s as well as new music composed by Michael Seifert and Dave Padrutt. Cigarette smoking, like many serious issues, is treated in the novel as part of everyday life.

The Outsiders can be termed a coming-of-age novel because of the many topics that the story deals with. Please complete the outsiders. Thanks for your letter of July 14, The greasers abide by an unwritten code that requires they defend their own, whether that be to their enemies or the authorities.

I hope you would enjoy and learn something about the book from reading this analysis. The dawn was coming then.

Darrel Curtis - The oldest of the Curtis boys, Darry is also the acknowledged leader of the Greasers. An author writing today might treat the issue of drinking and driving differently than Hinton did in the s. Other quality have to spread the outsiders? The outsiders book report essay muet Sample on the outsiders essays, ponyboy curtis, james braid, how to the 60s.

Make sure to use examples from the book to show what lessons he learned. The way the plot develops is easy to follow and to understand-the writer does not make it too complex. I'd also like to hear your students opinion of one possible change that we might have in the movie.

I make good grades and have a high IQ and everythingThe Outsiders is an extremely simple, emotionally honest novel about circumstances and how those circumstances can define your life. Ponyboy was an fascinating, detailed narrator that was young enough to give an honest, detailed account of his life, passing judgment on not only those around him but himself.

Book Report on the Outsiders

This book is extremely hard to put down. The Outsiders is about a gang of “greasers,” or underprivileged teenagers, living on the east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dallas Raymond "Dally" Winston was a greaser, the tritagonist of The Outsiders, and a member of The Gang. In the books, Dallas Winston is said to have an elfish face with high cheekbones, a pointed chin, small, sharp animal teeth, and ears like a lynx. Book Report On The Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis - Ponyboy is a fourteen-year-old member of a gang called the Greasers.

His parents died in a car accident, so he lives alone with his two older brothers, Darry and Soda. The Outsiders study guide contains a biography of author S.

E. Hinton, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. S. E. Hinton recalls that when she published her début novel, “The Outsiders,” in“there was no young-adult market.” Her book, written by a teen-ager about teen-agers in Tulsa.

2 page book report on the outsiders
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